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No Day But Today February 2, 2009

Filed under: Miscellaneous,Monday — Corey @ 4:10 pm

So my favorite Broadway show in the entire universe is running it’s Finale Tour. The show will no longer be on Broadway, nor will it be in the touring circuit.

.At least until they decide to do a revival when my kids are my age.

Oye. Anyway.

But last night, I got the chance to see the show here in Charlotte.

For obvious, copyright infringement laws, I couldn’t take pictures in the theater. But, I can show you the swag I got!

So, upper left we have a nifty nylon bag with the logo that came with the souvenir program you see in the bottom right corner.

The freebie programs and tickets are on the left hand side there.

And the shirt on the bottom has a story.

WAAAAAAAAY back, when I was just a little tweenie bopper and RENT had just surfaced on the Broadway scene, I got to see the touring cast. Mom bought me an awesome long sleeved shirt that had the logo on the front and “No Day But Today” on the back. Well I wore the hell out of that thing! Until one very very sad day, it went through the wash with some bleach.

Well, I got a new one!!!! Same shirt, sans the bleach!

Ok and now for the poster in the middle. This is where I reveal my inner dork.

I am 100% Renthead.

This is my “Star Trek.”

I did absolutely stand outside after the show and get as many of the cast’s autographs as I could.

I was very sad that Adam Pascal snuck out another door. He is one of my favorite artists ever and I was really hoping to get to meet him. But, I did get to meet Anthony Rapp who plays Mark!

So sorry for the crappy cell phone pic, but I left my camera at home! D’oh!

DH was sweet enough to stand by and watch me drool over my favorite actors and take this picture as Anthony was signing my poster! I’m the blur on the right of the picture.

Sigh. It was a night for the books people.

So, in fiber news, Handspun Monday actually does have a post, but was pushed back due to today’s excitement. So tomorrow you will get handspun!!!




4 Responses to “No Day But Today”

  1. Natalie Says:

    I’m so glad that I got to see it then!! ;) A couple years back. It was an awesome show!!

  2. Nell Says:

    That’s awesome! I LOVE that show. So inspiring.

  3. Jane Prater Says:

    I love the Star Trek analogy. I understand, now. I saw Captain Kirk first run in Steve’s fraternity house TV lab. We thought it was —–as great as it has been.

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